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Which is the Right Time to Replace Tires (How to know) – Autoacxy


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Well, is your car also starts to skid when you applying the Brakes or the car repair center suggesting you to replace the tires as soon as possible?

And due to  this if you  concern about that; should you spend   around $270  to $5090  to   replace All 4 tires (In   India, 11750 to 43400) depends upon   types of car.

Then just remind this few things that will help you to decide whether you should change the tire or not- 

  • How many kilometer/Miles you have driven  with   tires
  • In which condition, you have driven it most (Hot/Cold)

Well, after you remember it,  checkout the (Average Life of tire) section below and see  how long  your Tires  can Last.

So  following are the few things, which every smart car owners knows about a Tires-

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it) 

A) What is the Average Lifespan of Tires (Kilometer it can Last)

B) What are the symptoms of an Bad Tires

C) How to check your Tires Condition (Good or Bad)

D) How to increase the Tires Life

Here are the Lifespan of tires on different condition and also the factors which affects it-

A) What is the Average Lifespan of Tires (Kilometer it can Last)

when to replace tires

Usually there are different types of tires, which can last up to 1 Lac Km or above. But apart from that, the Average lifespan of an car tires is up to 80,000 km or 4 years.

However, there are few factors, which affect the tires life significantly and reduces it up to 50,000 to 60,000 km.

So if you’re tires  get affect by this factors, then the tires will hardly last up to its Average Life (80,000 km)

1) Weather Condition

Weather is always a Dangerous factor of Nature by which we human unable to protect ourselves than how can a tire be?Click To Tweet

That why, there are Different types of Tires for the different weather condition and if you won’t use a proper tire for a particular weather, then it can quickly worn out.

So, if you won’t use proper tire according to weather condition, then the tire will only last up to 65,000 to 70,000 km.

Quick Tip – If you stay in US or UK, then All-season tires or winter tires is the best suit and for India, Summer Tires or All Terrain Tires are the right one.

NOTE- When you buy a new car or new tire from the local place; they will always install a right tire according to local weather.

However, wrong selection is mostly happens while buying a second hand tires without knowing the tire types. So at-least know the Type of tire, you should use before buying.

2) Driving Habits

when to replace tires

Except from  weather condition, we as a driver are also 50% responsible for a quick worn out of tires.

How? If you also like to do this things with your tires such as Drifting,  Burnout (as Shown  in image) or excessive sudden braking  in High speed, Etc.

Then there is a higher chance of Quick worn out and be ready to replace the tires after every 40,000 to 50,000 km or even soon.

Well, if you wish that your tire should last up to Average life or more; then avoid these Habits.

3) Improper Maintenance

when to replace tires

It was another human error and mostly happens when we try to save our money on must needed services like wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing & Wheel Rotation.

Well, most of new car owners thinks, these services are useless and they should ignore it.

Really? I don’t think so because misalignment or unbalancing  can cause your tire as same as it shown in Image.

So to keep your tires healthy, you don’t have to give it medicines but just do this General tire servicing after every 15,000 km.

However if you still ignore this service, then your tires can last up to 45,000 km.

Finally, these are the few factors that mostly affects the tires life and also reduces it up to 40,000 to 70,000 km, which is far below than Average Lifespan of tires (80,000 km).

Now lets say, how you can tell that your car tires  has been worn out (damage) without knowing this lifespan and all.

 B) What are the symptoms of an Bad tires

Usually when the car tires are worn out (bad); its start to show some symptoms by which you can easily decide that, it is time to replace the tires.

So  here are the 3 common Symptoms which are mostly seen in the cars with a worn out tires-

1) Skidding while Braking

It was one of the most common symptom, which you will face if you have worn tires.Click To Tweet

Because due to  a low Treads in  tires, it will not grip road surface properly, and due to this the tires will starts to skid while braking.

But sometimes this skidding also happens due to a slippery road surface or due to defect in ABS system. That’s why checkout another symptom before taking any decision.

2) Getting Low Mileage

Well, is your round ups to Fuel pump station gets increase or your car  is not giving more mileage as compare to before, then it’s  an another symptom of worn out tire.


Generally it’s happen because the worn out tires takes more time to rotate as compare to new tire and as a result,  engine starts to consume more fuel.

So if you have any doubts on the tire condition, then keep an eye on your car’s Fuel Level.

 3) Too much Flat (Puncture)

can you drive on a flat tire

At last, if your tires get quickly flat (puncture) after driving few kilometers/Miles, then the tire is in really bad condition; that why it’s unable to hold Air inside it.

It mostly happens due to a small leaks or cracks presence in the tires, which are very hard to find.

So if the unusual puncture is happening in your car, then replace the tires as soon as possible  and also know why  you  should drive with a  flat tire.

Therefore, after facing this 3 symptoms you can definitely tell that your car need a new tires.

However, sometimes waiting for this above symptoms can be dangerous, that’s why you should able to  check the tire condition by this 3 simple methods.

How the Professionals, identify the Tire condition by just looking at it?Click To Tweet

C) How to check your Tires Condition (Good or Bad)

Following are the few signs, which you will find on your tires, if it is worn out (Bad)-

1) Tire Treads reaches tire ‘wear Bars’ Level

tire wear bars

A simple ‘Signs’ has been given by the Tire Manufactures on every tires; so that a car owners can easily check their tire condition.

Generally, this signs are known as ‘Wear Bars’ whose main purpose is to tell the tire condition.

Check the condition of your tires by following these steps-

  • First turn the steering wheel to full ‘Left’ or ‘right’, so that you can easily see the Tire surface.
  • Then look out for this ‘Wear Bars’ signs (as shown in image) on your tire
  • Don’t need to measure with scale or something, just watch it carefully and see the gap between the Tire ‘Treads’ and ‘Wear Bars’.
  • If there is an enough gap between the treads and wear bars, then your tire is in good condition.
  • If there is no gap between them and they have match with each other, then it’s time to say ‘Good Bye’ to your Tires.

Usually the Tire Treads takes 80,000 km to reach this tire wear bars, only if you use Tips properly which are Given below.

2) Decrease in Tire Sidewall surface

This method is little bit advance and its mostly used by the professionals. However we will perform this method in simple way.

This method is used to check,  if there is   any small defect inside the tire.

Generally, to perform this method you only need a long steel scale (60cm) to measure the ‘Sidewall’ (Sidewall is the section of tire, where all Details are written)

when to replace tires

  • First touch the scale on the tire (as shown in image) and tightly hold it
  • Then check the gap between the scale and wheel with the help of your fingers.
  • If there is gap for 3 to 4 fingers or more, then your tire is in excellent condition.
  • If there is  only gap for 1 to 2 fingers, then your tire is not in good condition.

So if see the any decrease in the sidewall surface, then check the air pressure of tire and again measure by same procedure.

If Sidewall surface is still same, then your tire is not in good condition .

 3) Unusual shape or cracks in Tires

can you drive on a flat tire

It was the last and the most visible signs by which you can easily tell the tire condition.This signs are mostly happen due to a misaligned wheels or improper filling of Air.

For this method, you do not need anything, just see the tire surface carefully and if you notice any difference in the surface

Then replace the tires as soon as possible to avoid problems   like ‘Tire Blowout while driving

Therefore, after knowing this 3 methods you can easily identify any tires condition  and buy a New tires at right time.

Well, after following this steps, what did you think about your  tire condition? tell us by leaving a comment below.

And for those who have  similar question like this-

Can I replace just one tire?

Yes, you can if the remaining tires are in good condition. Otherwise, it is better to replace all tires at once to get better stability while driving.

For example- Just imagine how it would feel to walk in one new shoe with other worn out shoe.

Well, let say after installing the new tires set, everyone wishes their tires must last at least up to its Average Lifespan (80,000 km) or even more.

So to make it possible, it is important to know things which every car experts do with their New tires-

D) How to increase the Tires Life

First of all, to increase tires life you should use a right tire according to your weather condition.

But Apart from that, you should always do this following things with your tires to increase its lifeline.

1) Wheel Alignment & Balancing

One of the most important parts of the General Servicing and this small thing can decide your tire life as well as your Life.

That’s because when the wheel is misaligned, its starts to move unevenly and you won’t get full control on the car.

At the end, your tires will get unusual damage and can cause unexpected situations like accidents.

You can checkout this video  to see whether your car need a Wheel Alignment or Not?

And it is same with Wheel balancing, if your wheel is unbalance then your car starts to wobble and the result  is  same as above

Precaution Tip– Always Do wheel Alignment & Balancing after every 10,000 km or at the time of servicing.

2) Tire Rotation

tire rotation cost

Usually skipping Tire Rotation is less dangerous than ‘Alignment & Balancing’. But if you won’t do this for 35,000 to 40,000 km, then you may need a new Front tire Set.

Yes, mostly front tires because it takes more weight of Engine, steering system, Passenger, etc. as compare to rear tires, and due to this it’s get quickly worn out.

In simple words, Tire rotation means exchanging of tires from front to rear and so on. The best thing  is, you can do it by yourself, if you have 30 to 40 minutes and know How to  Safely  replace  the Tires.

And if you’re doing it by yourself, then make sure to follow this Correct procedure to do Tire Rotation

Precaution Tip- Tire rotation is done at the time of ‘Alignment & balancing’. However not every car repair center is same. So Always check the tire condition and do Tire rotation after every 10,000 km.

3) Check Tires Air Pressure

Skip this step, if you also wait in Fuel Pump station to get free Air  filling because it’s only for those who have  busy schedule.

So to check and fill Air pressure, you need this easy to use Equipment’s like [Tire Pressure gauge] and [Tire Inflator Air Compressor].

Note- How to use guide for this  two product is given  within its product Description.

Precaution Tip– Check the Air pressure whenever you got the time within every 2 weeks and Fill proper Air by checking the Owner’s Manual or Side of Driver’s Door.

4) Use Tire Dresser

when to replace tires

As we already discuss about the small cracks and leaks which allow the Air to escape from tire and cause a flat (Puncture).

So by using this [Tire Dresser] its cover and prevent the tire surface from cracks and leaks and also gives a shiny look to the tires for long time.

Quick Tip– Spray after every 1 month and clean the tire before spraying.

Finally, these are the few steps, by which you can protect your tire from cracks  & leaks and also extend its life to 80,000 to 90,000 km.


So to be concluded,

The Average life of car tires is 80,000 km or 4 Years but it can last long or less depends on the factors (given above) and this are common symptoms of an worn out tires.

Well, after knowing the  Average life, symptoms  &  Tips; what did think about your tires condition, So should you replace it or not? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

And Did you see any difference in your Tires after using the Life increasing  tips? tell us by leaving a comment below.

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