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Which is the Right time to change Spark Plugs? – Autoacxy


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Well, If you also facing a starting problem in your car and due to this you have visited a car repair shop; where they suggested you to change the Spark plugs.

But like all smart car owners, if you also have a doubts like; are they suggesting you the right advice or not?

Then let me tell you one thing that; the spark plug life are mostly depends on How many kilometers you have use it.

If you have used it about 30,000 km; then it last pretty well. However, in some situation the spark plugs quickly get defective.

For example– If the Spark plug gets in contact with   a engine oil.

So the point here is that, there are many situation which decide the spark plug life; and following are few things which every car owner  should know about a spark Plug like-

A) What is the Average Lifespan of a Spark Plugs?

B) What are the Signs or Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plugs?

C) How a Dead spark plug looks like?

D) What are the Benefits of changing spark plugs?

So if you also concern about how long a spark plug last; then you must know this following things which decide it-

A) What is the Average Lifespan of a Spark Plugs?

So before knowing the lifespan of an spark plug, first you must know that the Average lifespan of an car spark plugs is around 25,000 km.

But Apart from the Average lifespan, it could even last up to 10,000 km or 45,000 km which depends on following condition:-

These are the common things that causes a spark plugs to damage faster and reduces its lifespan up to 10,000 km or even less.

1) Carbon Buildup

spark plug color

It was one of the most common causes, which affect spark plug life significantly.

This generally happens when the spark plug provide less spark or when the engine receives a Rich fuel mixture (means quantity of fuel is more than Air)

And as a result, the fuel does not burn properly which then starts to deposit a Carbon on the Tip of the spark plug and changes its color to heavy Black.

So, If you continuously drive your car in situation; then your spark plug will hardly last up to 15,000 km.

2) Contact with oil

The spark plug will also reduce it’s life, when it gets in contact with a Engine oil; and this problem mostly happens in the Aged or old cars.

Because this happens when the engine oil gets enter into combustion chamber by any leakage in piston or  due to defective piston ring.

So, If the Engine oil is the issue which affecting your spark plug life; then it won’t last up to 10,000 km.

3) Imprecise Gap

when to replace spark plugs

Usually, each spark plugs has a  perfect gap in it, which is  precisely designed  according to a Engine type.

So when this gap gets improper due to a excessive usage of a spark plug; then the  Engine starts to Misfire.

And as a result, the spark plugs gets quickly damage and only  last up to 20,000 km or less.

Therefore, to be conclude there are various things that can cause your spark plugs.

But you can use a one simple trick to improve your spark plug life up to 40,000 km; that is by Cleaning it on a Regular  Basis or  after every  10,000 km.

Note-  Mostly the   Professional Service center, cleans the spark plug  at the time of General Servicing. 

Now let’s say in this busy life, it is not possible for us to remind this lifespans and all, so how you can identify that your spark plug is gone bad and need to be change.

B) What are the Signs or Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plugs?

1) Low power while Acceleration

Poor acceleration is one of the most common symptoms of an bad spark plugs.

For example- If you have  driven your car from a pretty long time, then you may have experienced a power while accelerating the car.

But suddenly if you won’t feel that power which you used to feel while accelerating, then it’s all happening due to a bad spark plug.

So if you are in this situation, then you must check and change the spark plugs.

2) Poor Mileage

Well, if you visiting the Fuel pump station more than usual, then it is another symptom of a bad spark plug.

Generally, when the spark plug gets bad, it unable to burn the fuel mixture quickly, which then leads to a heavy rich fuel mixture and use more fuel.

So if you feel that your car is consuming more fuel, then always check your spark plugs condition.

3) Engine Misfire

engine misfire symptoms

While driving if you ever feel that your engine stops for fraction of seconds, then its usually happens due to a Engine misfire.

It occurs when any of your spark plug stops working and leave that cylinder fuel mixture unburned.

So it is also important to check and change the bad spark plug, if the engine starts to misfire.

Because it is very harmful for the nature, if the mixture remain unburned.

4) OBD Check light

check engine light flashing

Now, let say if you don’t have much time to keep observing your car to find the fault like low acceleration, poor mileage or engine misfire.

Then you should simply check out the dashboard, because the car turns ON this Warning symbol to notify you about its Engine health.

So if you facing the above symptoms as well as this light also gets ON after you start the engine, then you can come to a conclusion that your car spark plugs get defective.

5) Starting Problem

Last but not least, if you are getting a starting problem, then it could be due to a bad spark plugs.

However, the starting problems occurs for Many reasons.

So how you can identify that this starting problem is happening due to a bad spark plugs-

  • First checkout the lights are coming or not, after you turn ON the ignition.
  • After that, check if the engine cranks when you turn the key.
  • If both steps working well and still your engine is not starting, then it could be due a bad spark plug or bad ignition coil.

So this are few steps to identify that your car is not starting due to a bad spark plug.

Therefore, these are common signs or symptoms of bad spark plug-

So how a spark plug looks like when it get fully defective-

 C) How a Dead spark plug looks like?

1) Depth in electrode

what do bad spark plugs look like

Have you ever seen a depth in a spark plugs electrode or if you don’t, then you must take a close look on the image shown above.

If you see your car spark plugs in this condition, then don’t waste your time or money to clean it.

You should just simply change it to avoid other issues such as Engine misfire or starting problems.

So, to be 100% sure that your spark plug gets fully defective, always check its electrode condition.

2)  Insulator  Tip gets Reddish

what do bad spark plugs look like

It was the another sign of a dead spark plug and it’s usually happen when the spark plug receive a high voltage  due to  a Defective Ignition coil.

If you have carefully watched the image, then you can see a reddish color on the Insulator tip  of  bad spark plug.

However, if you still drive your car with this reddish spark plugs, then you may face a low power while acceleration or low mileage.

So if your cars spark plugs turn into this reddish color, then always make sure to change it as soon as possible to avoid unexpected situation.

So after knowing too much about the spark plug life and the signs or symptoms of an bad spark plugs, you should also know the benefits which you will get after changing the bad spark plug.

Which are the benefits you will get if you put your money to change the spark plugs on regular  intervals?

D) What are the Benefits of changing spark plugs?

Is you really want know what are the benefits of changing a spark plugs; then first you must remember the disadvantage of an spark plug which I given above.

If you thinks ‘why’   I am telling it; that’s because when you know the disadvantages, then you can easily understand the changes in your car performance after installing a new spark plugs.

So following are the benefits, which you will get after changing the spark plug-

1) Quick & smooth Start

This was one of the first benefits, which you will get when you try to start your car.

And if you have experienced the starting problem due to a bad spark plug, then you can see the tremendous changes while starting the car.

2) Optimal Performance

So after installing a new spark plug, your car will definitely runs at its peak performance.

And if you want to feel this peak performance of your car engine; then the only think you should do, is just press the accelerator pedal.

3) Better Fuel Economy

benefits of changing spark plugs

So when the car starts to work optimally and efficiently due to a new spark plug; then it is simple to understand it will consume a precise amount of fuel.

And as a result, you don’t have to mess around the fuel pump station.

4) Lower Emission

This was one of the best benefits you can get after changing the spark plug, because it will not only good for your car but also for the environment.

So as a responsible human being, we can at least protect our environment by changing the spark plug time to time.

5) Save your Time & Money

If you thinks, how it can save your time and money than just imagine, if you want to go somewhere urgently but your car won’t start due to a bad spark plug and for this you have to call the mechanic for an help.

Therefore, at the end, it will automatically cost your crucial time and money.

So, these are best benefits you will get after you change the spark plugs at a right time.


So to be concluded,

To clear every doubt about a spark plugs, you must know this things before you change the spark plug. 

So if you find these symptoms of an bad spark plugs or benefits of a new spark plug; then Tell us about your experiences in the Comments section Below

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