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How to Avoid Wrong Engine oil for your Car – Autoacxy


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So, are you also looking for the Right Engine oil Type And Grade for your car, so that you can buy it from online or Shop in low price.

Well, that’s usually best thing to do because every car owners like to save their money as much as they can.

But, most of car owners don’t know anything about Engine oil or some get confuse when they hear about Types and Grades.

And due to this, they keep spending lot of money after every 5,000 to 10,000 km on oil changing.

So if you don’t want to be like them, then you should also know this simple secret to select the right Engine oil for your car.

Did you know, What Automobile Experts Says-

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That’s why Here are the few things, which you must know before buying an Engine oil-

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it) 

A) Types of Engine oil for car

B) Right Oil Grade for your car

C) 3 Quick Steps to select a correct Engine oil  for your car

Well, following are the few engine oil types, with their usage, Price and durability-

A) Types of Engine oil for car

car oil types

First thing first, you must know that how many types of engine oil are available in the market.

But don’t get Panic, because you won’t have to remember thousand types; as there are only 4 types available.

In which, you must be heard off, few names like Synthetic Engine, Mineral Engine Oil, Etc.

So Here are the 4 Types of Engine oil which you can select for your car-

1) Conventional Mineral Oil

how often to change oil

The name in itself you can understand the oil, which is made up of Minerals such as Crude Oil.

In conventional mineral oil, the Refining processes are very less; that why the prices and durability is also less.

However, it is Best suitable oil for the older   cars and the car which are less driven.

  • Price range – Low
  • Durability- Last long up to 5,000 to 8,000 Km
  • Suitable for – Older cars   and  less  Driven  cars
  • Benefits-  Saves lot of money

2) Semi- Synthetic oil  or  Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic Blend oil

The semi-synthetic oil is also known as ‘Synthetic blend oil’ and the reason is that, this oil are made after mixing (Blending) the Conventional mineral oil with Synthetic oil.

But the main reason behind the production of this oil is to take benefits of synthetic oil in low price.

In simple words, this oil is best for those people who want Good quality oil in very reasonable price.

  • Price range – Medium
  • Durability- Last long up to 8,000 to 10,000 Km
  • Suitable for- Modern  Cars   and  Daily driven   cars
  • Benefits-   Improves Engine  performance  in low price

3) Fully Synthetic Oil

Now it’s time to talk about the best oil you can purchase for your car. The fully synthetic oil are made after lot of refining processes and it’s specially known for its Durability and Performance.

The special thing about this Engine oil is that, even after its get damaged (expired) it will still protects the Engine.

To Easily understand the other Benefits of Fully Synthetic oil, Checkout this Video-

  • Price Range – High
  • Duration – Last Long up to 12,000 km to 15,000 km
  • Suitable for-  Luxury  cars,  Sports  cars and  Excessive Driven  cars like  (8 to 10 hours or 200  km a day)
  • Benefits- To increase Engine’s Life and Performance.

4) High Mileage Oil

You don’t need this oil until your car won’t get 120,000 km old. Usually this High mileage oil is made for the older vehicle to protect the engine from small leaks.

However, on the other hand, the cost of this oil is also High.

So if you or any of your friends or relative car gets old, then you can try this oil to see the results.

  • Price Range –  High
  • Duration – Last Long up to 12,000 km to 15,000 km
  • Suitable for- only for  vehicle, which have cross over 120,000 km
  • Benefits-   Saves lots of money   by   reducing  many  Engine problems  like small leaks, Breakdown, Etc.

So this are the 4 types of Engine oil which you can use for your cars and also tell us which engine oil you like to prefer, by leaving a Comment below.

For those who want to know-

Is it OK to mix different types of oil?

Well, it is never a good thing to do because in every oil there are different additives and refining processes use.

So mixing different oils can reduces the power of this additives and as a result the oil will not work as effective as it use to be.


Finally, if you clear these engine oil types, then you have gain about 70% of knowledge related to Engine oil and the remaining 30% is hidden in Oil Grades-

 B) Right Oil Grade for your car

Well, knowing about engine oil grades can be little bit confusing as compare to engine oil types because of this 5w-30, 5w-40, 10w-30, 15w-40, etc.

But just relax, we will only discuss about the things which will help you while selecting an oil.

However if you want to be an Automobile expert or a Mechanical Student, then you should watch this video completely-

Now let’s come back to the point and see why this Grades are important factor-

To make it simple, let’s divide this oil Grade into two section- 1) Left hand W section and 2) Right Hand Number section

1) Left Hand ‘W section’

engine oil grades

First we only  know about this left had part of oil grade- This  “W Section”  is known as  Winter  and to easily  understand we will use this ‘Weather decider method‘ –

  • 0W and 5W is Suitable for Cold Condition
  • 10W and 15W is Suitable for Hot Condition

For example-

  • In America, 0W and 5W oils are best 
  • In India, 10W and 15W oils are best

That’s it this only things you need to know while buying engine oil and Always use this “Weather Decider Method” to select right  the oil, if you don’t know much  about oil grades.

 2) Right Hand ‘Number section’

engine oil grades

Now if we consider the right hand part (this 30) of oil grade, which is known as viscosity. In simple words, viscosity means how fast or slow a liquid will flow.

Now remember this simple example-

  • Viscosity (Thickness) of water is very less, that why it will flow fast
  • Viscosity (Thickness) of Oil is more, that why it will flow slow

I used to remember this viscosity as a Thickness of oil and if you have any other  ideas to remember it easily, then leave a comment below.

So choose the viscosity of ‘40’ if you live in Hot condition or use viscosity of ‘30’, if you live in normal or cold condition. Usually this  30 and 40 are mostly used in  every   car.

That’s it if you understand this oil grade factor, then congrats now you can easily decide right oil for any vehicle.

NOTE- If you have an Owner’s manual, then you don’t have to waste your time on deciding right oil for your car. Just check the oil Specification in your owner’s manual to find correct oil grade for your car.

engine oil guide

Otherwise, you can use this “Weather Decider method” to select the right oil for your carClick To Tweet

As you know, selecting the correct oil grades and types are important for your engine. But it is also important to use oil of Trusted brand. so checkout this 5 world’s Best Engine oil Brands

Now, if you understand little bit of this oil types and grades, then its time to select right oil for your car in just 3 steps- 

C) 3 Quick Steps to select a correct Engine oil  for your car

 1) Decide your Local weather Condition

what oil for my car

Well, first decide which weather condition will coming soon in your locality

For example-

  • If summer is coming, then use this oil grades – [10w-40 and   15w-40]
  • If winter is coming, then use this oil grades –  [0w-40 and   5w-40]
  • And  if weather condition is normal or Rainy, then always use this grades – [5w-30]

NOTERemember, if you use  wrong oil grade in your car, then it  will not that dangerous, but it will reduce the Engine performance. So always, know the right oil grade for your car

Finally, after you decide the oil grade according to your weather condition or Owner’s manual, then move on to next step.

2) Decide your car Type and usage

It was the crucial step because deciding wrong oil type  can extremely damage  your engine.

i) Sports  or Luxury  cars

lights names

First let me clear one thing that, if you have sports or luxury car, then you should always prefer a Fully Synthetic Oil

That’s because using an Conventional mineral oil or semi- synthetic oil can lower your engine performance significantly and can damage your engine parts.

So why you should pay thousands of dollars to just save few dollars.

Make sure for Luxury or sports cars, always use a Fully synthetic Engine OilClick To Tweet

However, as you know that the fully synthetic oils are always costlier and by keeping that in mind, here are the list of Best Fully synthetic oil in reasonable price.

  1. Shell Helix Ultra
  2. Castrol EDGE
  3. Liqui Moly  Synthoil
  4. Mobil 1
  5. Valvoline Synpower

ii) Older Cars or  cars which are less driven

how long do batteries last

Now if you a have  older car or  if you won’t drive your car, too much then you should definitely use a Conventional mineral oil and save your money.

Checkout the price of this top conventional mineral oil, which is mostly used in cars-

  1. Shell Helix  HX5
  2. Mobil Super
  3. Bosch Pulse

iii) Modern cars  or cars which are driven  more

On the other hand, if you daily drive around 5 to 6 hours or 100 km a day, then you should use  this semi-synthetic oil.

It will work best for your car and also increase engine performance in low price.

 Checkout the price of these Top semi- synthetic oils-

  1. Liqui Moly Touring High Tech
  2. HP Lubricants Neo Synth
  3. Bosch Fusion
  4. Castrol Magnatec Diesel

3) Check this Quality Tags


Now if you won’t like to buy from the online and going to buy from shop, then make sure to check this tags on the Engine oil Bottle or container.

Because nowadays there are too much spams happens and you should always aware of this Tags and all

However, if buy from online then you don’t have to worry about this things because the Trusted Online store like Amazon are always take care of this things to maintain their Reputation.

So that’s it, this are the things you need to know before buying an engine oil for your car and to avoid loss of money.


What did you think?

Finally, these are oil types and grades you need to know if you  going to buy  from online or shop.

And also tell us, is you able to understand this Oil types and Grades?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then tell us which Engine oil you going to buy for your car

And if your answer is ‘No’ then free feel to tell us which section you wouldn’t understand in the comments below.

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