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How to do Tire Rotation in your Car (Free of cost) – Autoacxy


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Did you know, the Tire Rotation can be free of cost or can cost you around $25 to $80 (In India, 850 to 1700); depends on the place where you go for servicing.

Usually in most Car Repair Centers, they do Tire Rotation for free;  only when  you do Wheel alignment and balancing from them. However not every Car repair Center is same.

On the other hand, if you go car repair Center only for doing a Tire rotation; then they will definitely charge you the amount (shown above) for their time and efforts.

However, as the Tire rotation is one of the simplest task in the car and also won’t take more time.

That’s why Most of the car owners likes to do this task by their own in Home or in Parking Place.

So if you also have 50 to 60 minutes and want to  increase your tires life and save some money, then use these simple steps to rotate a tire-

NOTE- Before tire Rotation, you must know How to change a Tire. Otherwise, it  will take more time.

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it) 

A) How to rotate your car tires in 3 easy steps

B) How often you should rotate the Tires

C) What Happen if you don’t rotate the tires time to time

Only for those who don’t know- 

What is tire rotation?

Tire rotation is a process in which tires gets exchange from one position to another to avoid quick wear (damage) to few tires.

For example– In front wheel drive cars, the front tires gets quickly wear because it takes more weight of Engine, Suspension, Passenger, etc. as compare to rear tires.

So by exchanging the front tires with rear, the ‘wear’ get equally distributes to all Tires.

So after you clear what is tire rotation, now it’s time to rotate the tires-

A) How to rotate your car tires in 3 easy steps

Well, if you want to complete this tire rotation process within 45 minutes, then follow this step by step procedure-

1) Collect all require Tools to remove tire

2) Decide the Tire Rotation pattern

3) Exchange  Tire Positions

1) Collect all require Tools to remove tire

tire rotation cost

If you have already change a car tire before, then you must know what are the tools require. But for those who do not know, then collect this following Tools-

  • [Jack]It is the first tool you need, to rise up your car. So that you can apply the stands.
  • [Stands]It was the must have tool because without stands you won’t able to perform a tire rotation with a single jack.
  • [Wheel spanner]I always prefer a wheel spanner because it was simple and easy to carry. Otherwise, you can also use Socket Box.
  • [Screwdriver]– Its only requires to remove wheel cover.
  • [WD-40] – Spray on the wheel nuts before installing tires. This prevents wheel nuts from rust and you can easily remove your wheels anytime. 
  • [Torque Wrench]It is use to tight the wheel nuts (Lug nuts) with correct torque after installing the wheel. (You can find the Correct torque in Owner’s manuals)

Note- If you know how to properly tight a wheel  without  torque wrench, then you can skip it. Otherwise always use Torque  Wrench.

2) Decide the Tire Rotation pattern

tire rotation cost

Well, sometimes it get confusing while rotating the tire because of tire rotation pattern.

The tire rotation Patterns means, which tire positions you  going to exchange;  like front left tire  exchange with rear right tire and so on.

As there are, Different types of patterns available for different types of car like Front wheel, Rear wheel, 4-Wheel and All wheel drive cars.

You can get confuse, if you check all this tire rotation patterns for first time.

So to make it easy to understand, you can follow this two ways-

1) Beginners way

Usually you should follow this beginners way, if you don’t know much about tires.

First of all, select the Proper Rotation pattern for your car before starting anything.

Well, if you still  confuse about this Rotation pattern and all, then  just simply   checkout your Owner’s manuals index and find Tire Rotation section in it.

Or you can checkout this video to clearly understand how to decide rotation pattern for your Tires-

In this way, you will able to do tire rotation properly.

 2) Experts way

Don’t get confuse while Tire rotation, simply follow this step which most Car Experts useClick To Tweet

Well, the experts way is completely different from the beginner way that because it doesn’t require any patterns or owner manuals

Generally, as there are large number of vehicles comes in Car repair Center; it is not easy for them to check each cars pattern and rotate according to it.

However, in some Car repair center; they store this tire rotation pattern for each car in their computer, but it can also cost you well.

But mostly in each car repair center, they directly check All  Tires conditions and rotate the tires according to it.


So the point is, can you able to  rotate in this expert way? Yes, you can if you learn How to check a Tire condition.

Well, after you understand how to check the tire condition by looking at its ‘Treads‘ and all, then you can easily decide which you should Rotate (exchange).

However, if you still have some confusing about this rotation patterns; then feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.

3) Exchange  Tire Positions

tire rotation cost

Finally, after you decide which tire you going to exchange; then remove the tires properly and exchange it according to your decided pattern.

So, after exchanging the tires from one position to another, use a torque wrench to properly tight all the wheel nuts (Lug nuts) with correct torque.

You can also note down this Rotation Pattern. So it helps you next time to decide which tire you should exchange.

For those who have a similar question like-

Do you need to balance your tires every time you rotate them?

Not necessary, usually the tire balancing is only requires when the tire gets unbalanced. However, tire rotation is completely different thing, because it should done time to time.

So, after completing this tire rotation it is also important to know, when you should rotate your tire again-

B) How often you should rotate the Tires

how often should tires be rotated

Generally, you can rotate the tire after every 15,000 km (9 miles) or at the time of oil change, if you drive in good road surface.

However, if you daily drive through a Rough or Poor road surface, then you should rotate the tires after 10,000 km (6 miles) to prevent it from quick worn out.

Well, you can also check the owner’s manual to see what manufacturer recommends.

Or you can simply rotate the tires after every 10,000 to 15,000 km according to your road surface.

Now Let’s see what will happen if you don’t do this tire rotation time to time and how it  can cost you-

 C) What Happen if you don’t rotate the tires time to time

If you won’t do tire rotation time to time, then get ready to pay for new set of tires.Click To Tweet

Yes, it is true if you keeping driving your car and won’t rotate the tires for 35,000 to 40,000 km.

Then sooner or later your few tires (like front tires) will get ‘BALD’ and unfortunately you have to change them.

However, if you still going to drive with this ‘Bald tires’, then you can face  Critical Problem like ‘Tire Blowout while driving‘.

can you drive on a flat tire

That’s why, the tire rotation is necessary to equally distribute the wear (damage) to each tires and by doing this, each tires life get increase.

So if you want to save your time and money, then rotate tires time to time.


So to be concluded,

In my opinion, you should always remind the mechanic or the service advisor to do  tire rotation whenever you go for  servicing.

However, if they forget to do it, then you should rotate it by yourself or rotate it from somewhere else were they offer  low price.

Finally, if   you able to do Tire rotation in your car by using the steps given above? Then tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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