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How to Select a Right One (Synthetic Oil Vs Conventional Oil) – Autoacxy


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Well, it was one of the biggest debates going on in the Automobile industry over many decades that which engine oil is better, between Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil (Regular Oil).

But before knowing the truth behind it, first you must be clear that-

What is Conventional Oil?

Usually the Conventional engine oil is an oil which is fully made up of Crude oil which are extracted from the Ground.

The Refining processes of this conventional mineral oil are extremely less.

What is Synthetic Oil?

The Synthetic oil is also made from crude oil But the refining process of this oils are extremely High and also consist many Special additives.

Now why these synthetic oils are made? This oils is specially made for Modern day cars and High performance Engines.

So let’s come back to point and see which engine oil you should prefer for your car.

Well, to make it simple here are the some PROS and CONS of this two oils (Synthetic vs conventional) and after knowing this, you will able to select the right oil for your car.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil

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A) PROS of Conventional Engine oils

B) CONS of Conventional Engine oils

C) PROS of Synthetic Engine oils

D) CONS of Synthetic Engine oils

First let’s see why this Conventional Oils are still produce if there is  already a best synthetic oils are available for the engine?

A) PROS of Conventional Engine oils

 1) Best recommended on New Engine

synthetic oil vs conventional oil1

If you looking for a best use of conventional oil then there no better use of this on New engines.

That’s because as you know after buying the car the showroom executives will definitely suggest you to change the oil after first 2,000 km.

The reason is simple because the new engine parts wear more at the beginning and this metal particles get mixed with oil and soon you have to change it.

So the point is, as you have to change the oil after 2,000 km, then why you should pay double for the Synthetic oils on new engines.

Even the Automobile Manufactures use Conventional oil on the New Manufactured vehicles because the cost is cheapClick To Tweet

Quick Tip- If you have to change your engine due to some defect, then also use this step on New replaced engine.

2) Best suitable for Less usage cars

synthetic oil vs conventional oil

Now, let say you rarely drive your car or only drive for few hours daily, then there is no need to waste extra money on synthetic oils.

You can absolutely use Conventional oil for your car and have a good time with your money.

But it is important that you should select a High Quality Conventional oil in Cheapest Price.

NOTE- If you have a Luxury car, which you won’t use too much, then you should select a Premium Conventional Oils

 3) Right Choice for Old Vehicles

how long do car batteries last1

Well, Most of Automobile Professionals and experts suggest that using conventional oil in the old vehicles is far better than using synthetic ones.

That’s because the Old vehicles engines are not that compact as compare to nowadays engines.

So using Conventional oil can be as effective as synthetic oil on the old engines.

Finally, if you have old classic car, then always use a Premium Conventional Oil.

NOTE- Many Automobile manufactures only recommend conventional oil on their older vehicles.

4) Extremely Low Cost

Now let’s talk the best thing about the conventional engine oils and that is, its cheapest price, which no other oil can give.

The prices of this oil is always cheap because it’s fully made up of Crude oil which are extracted from the ground.

So if your car meets any of this above 3 steps, then definitely use a Conventional oil and save lot of money.


Now as you know the pros of this oil, then it is also important to know the CONS of this oil before buying it-

 B) CONS of Conventional Engine oils

1) More oil change intervals

how often to change oil

So as I said this oils are cheap in price and one of the reason behind that it wouldn’t last long.

Usually the Conventional mineral oil has to be change after every 5,000 to 8,000 km.

However, you can avoid this problem if you change the oil time to time.

Precaution tip- The conventional oil contains more impurities as it made without too much refining process. So while changing the oil, make sure to use [Engine Flush] to clean up all impurities.

2) More Chances of Engine Damage

The worst thing about this engine oil is that if you don’t change the oil on time, then the engine will seized (damage)Click To Tweet

That’s happens because when this oil gets used up after 5,000 to 8,000 km and then the flow of this oil gets extremely low.

To easily understand what I mean, checkout this oil flow test Video-

So if you can take care of these things, then you should definitely use a Conventional engine oil.

Well, if you thinking of buying Synthetic engine oil for your car, then know this pros and cons. So that you can easily decide whether this oil is worth it or not?

C) PROS of Synthetic Engine oils

1) Top Choice for Luxury or Sports cars

car lights names

Well if you have a luxury or a sports car then there is no better oil than synthetic engine oil because as I said this oil is only made for High performance Engine

And I highly recommend this oil because if you forget to change the conventional oil on this type of engine then just ask the dealer how much you have to pay if the engine get seized

So think twice if you have a luxury car like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Etc. However if you won’t drive too much then you can choose a Semi-synthetic oil for your car.

If you have any doubts on this fully or semi synthetic oils, then easily understand this 4 Types of Engine oil.

For those who have similar question-

Can you use Conventional oil on New Luxury Cars Engine?

Yes, you can definitely use until first 2,000 km on your new engine and after that switch to Synthetic Engine Oil by Flushing the Engine by this [Liqui Moly Engine Flush]

This engine flushing is important because it will remove all the impurities of conventional oil and keep your luxury engine safe.

2) Improve Engine Life and performance

Well, as this synthetic oils are by made after adding many special additives which not only cleans the engine but also protects it from damages.

And if we talk about the performance, then According to AAA– the Synthetic oils perform 47% better as compare to conventional oil in all extreme conditions.

So the point is, if you drive your car too much then you should definitely go for synthetic oils

3) Long oil change interval

The Best Engine oil for those people who don’t want to waste time on oil change regularlyClick To Tweet

Usually this oil is known for its long oil change intervals, which is around 12,000 to 15,000 km.

And there are many benefits of this synthetic Engine oil like  its  reduce the chances of Engine seize. 

Well, everything has its own disadvantages, even these synthetic oils. So let see what the CONS of this are oil-

D) CONS of Synthetic Engine oils

1) Extremely High Cost

The most popular disadvantage of synthetic oil is, its price. As we have already see that this oils are made after lot of refining processes and all.

Then it usual that the price will also go High. Generally, the Price of synthetic oil is double as price of conventional oil.

However, there are some High quality fully synthetic oil in reasonable price which most people prefer.

2) Useless for Less usage cars

Now, let’s say you won’t drive your car too much, then there is no need of using a costlier fully synthetic engine oil because you will simply wasting your money.

However, if you have a Luxury car which you rarely drive, then you use any of this Top semi-synthetic oils which are best in quality and very reasonable in price

So in my opinion, this synthetic oils would be best, if you have modern car and also drive it excessively (6 to 8 hours)


What did you think?

So after knowing this all PROS and CONS of Synthetic oil vs Conventional oil, tell us which oil do you think is better for your car by leaving comment below.

And if you know any other PROS or CONS of this oils, then free to tell us about it in the comments section below

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