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(Best Solutions)- How to Avoid Road Accidents using Car Lights – Autoacxy


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Well, finding perfect solutions for road accidents is always a big concern for Automobile manufactures as well as for the Car Buyers.

And by keeping that in mind, the manufactures has added many safety features from past few decades like ABS, Air Bags, ESP, Etc.

But, the accidents are still happens even using this Advance safety features and its only because of silliest mistakes while driving.

For Example- Like changing the Lanes without signalling, learning driving without Hazard light ON, slowing down without brake light ON, Etc

Now here we not going to discuss about the drink and drive accidents cases or some technical fault accidents cases.

The only thing we will focus here is, how  to use your Car or Bike lights in proper manner. So that, it became solutions for   Critical  road accidents

So here are the some names and uses of car lights, which you can use to avoid unexpected situation-

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it) 

A) Car Hazard lights

B) Reverse Lights

C) Headlight Flashing

D) Fog Lights

E) Turn Indicator Lights

F) Roof or Interior Light

First of all, let’s talk about the most useful but rarely used car light and How & When you should use it to avoid unexpected situations-


car hazard light

Generally, if you have a car then you must be quiet familiar with this ‘White Triangle switch’ on your dashboard; which is known as Hazard Light Switch.

This Hazard light contain significant value for your safety; and its mostly used for two Purposes-

1) Asking help during Trouble

Now let’s say while driving on the road your car got some technical or mechanical issue; for which its stops while running and won’t start again.

Quick tip- You can also checkout this 5 reasons for which your car won’t starts.

So at that time, you should Turn ON this Hazard Light switch, which then starts a light blinking on your car.

And this light Blinking will signals other vehicles or persons that, your car has been breakdown and you need a Help.

That’s why this car Hazard lights is also known as Emergency lights.

solutions for road accidents

NOTE- You can also  put a [Emergency Warning  Triangle] on your car, which also used to signal others for a help.

2) While Learning  driving on road

On the other hand, it could be also use as warning purpose like- when you want to learn a car driving on the road

Then you must turn on these Hazard lights, which then starts light blinking and signals other vehicles to keep a safe distance from you.

And by doing this, it reduce the chances of accidents and you can safely learn car driving on road.

Safety Tips-

  • Never Drive on Highways or expressway
  • Make sure to drive in slow speed (15 to 25 kmph)
  • Don’t drive through the middle of the road


car lights types

The Reverse light is one of the crucial lights in car lighting system because it is use to signal the people or vehicle behind your car that you intent to move backwards.

Well, if your reverse lights won’t turn ON while reversing, then it can cause injuries to others or can cause damage to your car.

Solutions- So, if your reverse lights won’t work, then make sure to repair it as soon as possible.


Headlight flashing

Generally the usage of the Headlight flashing (Upper Dipper) is more essential as compare to other light signals of car; and it is mostly used for two purposes:-

1) Passing on Narrow Road

First the most common one, it is used in a situation where a single car can pass through a narrow road once at a time.

For Example– If you are close to that narrow road then signal the upcoming vehicle by flashing the headlight to wait and let you cross first.

And on the other hand, if the other vehicle is close to the narrow road and signals you by flashing headlight, then just wait and let it pass.


Solutions- Well, if everybody starts this Headlight flashing practice for passing, then it will significantly reduce the traffic problems

2) While Overtaking a vehicle

The Best Driving habit, which will not only reduce the accidents but also reduce the Noise pollution’sClick To Tweet

The Headlight flashing is mostly used while overtaking a vehicle in the highways or expressways at night.

For Example- When you intent to overtake a vehicle at night, just simply signals that driver by flashing the headlights.

By doing this, the lights will reflect on his mirror and he will understand you need a passing area.

NOTE– The Professional driver are only familiar with this flashing practice; if he still won’t give you the passing area, then just blow the Horn.

Well, Headlight flashing can also be use for Helping purpose.

You can checkout this video to learn How it  is used  for helping others- 

Solutions- So, if you understand this Headlight flashing practice while driving, then it will definitely reduce the road accidents chances for yourself.


Solution for road accidents

The Usage of the fog lamp is rarely used in the cities or in the highways.

But it is mostly used in Hill stations or in forest areas were the visibility of road is very low due to the Fog or heavy rain.

That’s when the role of the fog lights are comes into play in this critical condition; which will not only clears the road vision but also signals other driver of your presence.

Solutions- Make sure to turn ON your Fog lights, if the roads visibility gets low due to Heavy rain or Fog.

NOTE- Never use Fog lights in the clear or normal weather condition because this bright lights can be disturbing for the following driver’s.


car indicators

This Single Car light can reduce up to 45% of road accidents, if it is use in right timeClick To Tweet

As we literally know, the Indicators Lights are usually use while taking a Turn (left or Right)

However, this Indicators lights are also significantly used in the Highways or Expressway; where every vehicles runs on a particular Lane.

Now let’s say if you intent to change the lane and want to go left or right. Then before changing, first you must switch on the indicator lights.

Solutions- By doing this, it signals the following vehicle of where you going like left or right, and as a result its effectively reduce road accidents.

F) Roof or Interior Light

solutions for road accidents

The Roof or Interior light is the Multi-purpose car light because as we know it is use to illuminate the drivers as well as passenger compartment.

On the other hand, you can also use it as safety purpose by shifting the switch to “Car Door Sign” (as shown in image)

Well, after doing this, the Roof Light will remain ON if any of your car doors is not properly closed.

So use this light, as a Compartment illuminating purpose or safety purpose; it’s totally up to you.

Finally, this are the best uses of car lights which you can use for safety purpose and you can also checkout the names and uses of remaining 6 car lights used in modern cars.


What did you think?

So after knowing this car lights uses, which light did you think will reduce more accidents as compare to others? Tell us in the comment section below.

And which of the above light signals you always use as a responsible driver? Feel free to tell us by leaving a comment below.

Well, if you want more safety while driving; then you must know the reasons behind this 5 Dashboard warning lights

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