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How to Jump start a Car with 12 Easy Steps – Autoacxy


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It’s been really frustrating when we need our car urgently and it won’t start due to a Dead battery and there is no other way from escaping this situation without doing a ‘Jump starting’.

Well, even doing jump starting you always needs a Jumper cables and help from other car or a fully charged battery.

But if you don’t have the Jumper cables, then the only thing you can do is  just call the Car repair center for an help; which would  cost you around $15 to $45 (In India, ₹550 to ₹1250) depends on the distance they have to travel. (Yes, you can also call a Towing service)

Even, for those who think jump-starting is a Dangerous task to perform? Yes, you are right if you won’t do it in proper manner.

Nowadays people are doing jump-starting as easy as they apply Butter on the BreadClick To Tweet

But for that  you   need a jumper cables in your car and  In my  opinion, you should  have it,   because it can be useful anytime; if you know the Proper way to do Jump-start.

So here is the step by step procedure to perform a jump  start and make sure to  follow this precautions steps  to avoid unexpected situations-

A) Precaution steps-

1) Collect  Required things

how to jumpstart a car without another car

Apart from Jumper cables, the second most important thing you need is a help from the other car  or a fully charged battery to attempt a Jump-start.

Without it you won’t able to perform a jump start.

2) Keep safe distance between the Two vehicles

how to jump start a car

After arranging other vehicle, make sure to keep a safe distance between them (as shown in image). Otherwise, it can cause a Huge Damage to both vehicles.

 3) Apply Hand brakes and Put car in ‘Neutral’ Position

Make sure to apply the Hand  Brake and Shift the Gear lever to ‘Neutral’ or ‘P’ (In Automatic cars).

4) Turn OFF all Switches & lights, in both vehicles

Most Crucial step during jump starting a car, which reduces around 25% of DamagesClick To Tweet

Because  if you  leave  any lights  or switches remain  ON, then  it can blown off the fuses or relays of it. So make sure to Turn OFF each lights and Switches.

5) Determine (+) & (-) Terminals Position on both Battery

jumper cable order

Before connecting the jumper cables, make sure to identify the Positive terminal (+) and Negative terminal (-) on the both batteries.

6) Keep Safe distance between Jumper Cables

how to jump start a car

It was the most common mistake, which happens while connecting jumper cables. For example– The Black & Red Cables gets touch with each other and cause a Spark.

Therefore always remember to keep these cables away from each other.

Well, if you properly follow this Precaution steps, then you have already eliminate the 70% of risk while Jump-startingClick To Tweet

Finally, after completing the precaution steps it is time to jump-start the car :-


B) Jump Starting steps-

NOTE- Always use a High quality Jumper cables which should have a minimum wire gauge of 4 and  a crocodile clip to get an Extreme Grip.

1) First Connect RED jumper Cables on Positive (+) Terminals of both battery

jumper cable order

  • First, grab the Red jumper cable and connect its one end on the Positive terminal of Dead battery.
  • And the other end on the Positive terminal of Booster (Good) Battery.

2) Then connect one end of BLACK jumper Cable on Negative (-) Terminal of Booster Battery

Negative jumper cable order

While performing the step; Remember the 6th Precaution step (to keep safe distance between Red & black jumper Cables)

 3) Finally, Connect Other end of BLACK Jumper Cable in any of this Location

It was another crucial step while jump-starting and always make sure to connect the other end of the Black Jumper Cable in any of this following Locations-

  • On the Suspension Strut
  • On the Frame
  • At the Engine Block

how to jump start a car

Safety Tip– Never connects near the Fuel pump or Moving parts like Drive Belts, etc.

For those who want to know-

Is it necessary to connect on this given locations?

Well, it is not necessary but it would be better to connect on any of this given locations because connecting the other end of black jumper cable on Negative (-) terminal of Dead battery, increases the chance of more damage.

NOTE- Properly crosschecks every connection before doing next step.

4) Then the Start Engine of Booster vehicle

ignition switch is off

It was another Important step-

  • After starting the engine in the Booster vehicle, allow it to run for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • And also increase the RPM (accelerate) to 2000 for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

5) Finally, Start the Engine  of Dead  battery Vehicle

key wont come out of ignition

Try to start the Engine for 3 to  4 times if it won’t starts. And  if it get starts, then Congrats! and  quickly follow next step.

6) Then Remove the Jumper Cables in Reverse order

NOTE- While removing the cables, do not touch them with other parts of car.

It was the Last crucial step, remove the jumper cables in Reverse Order as you connected it or you can use this following order-

jumper cable order

  • First, remove the Black Jumper Cable from Dead Battery
  • Then, remove the Red Jumper Cable from Dead Battery
  • After that, Remove the Black Jumper Cable from Booster Battery
  • Then Remove the Red Jumper cable from the Booster Battery

NOTE- Finally, after removing the jumper cables run your car for at least 30 minutes to allow the Dead battery  get properly Charged.


What did you think?

 Are you able to start the car by using this simple Jump starting procedure? 

Well, If you able to start; then tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

And if you won’t, then also tell us about it in comments below

Finally, if you want avoid this jump starting situation, then you should protect your battery from been Dead by doing this simple things

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