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How to Quickly Change a Car Battery (Things to Avoid) – Autoacxy


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Well,   If you want to change your car battery  by Replacing it with a new one and want to do it all by yourself, but if this Question keeps   coming  into your mind that “can  i do it or not?

Then let me tell you one thing that, changing a car battery is really easy and simple task to do, if you Learn how to do it; and it also won’t take about 30 minutes to get complete, if you follow this Steps properly.

And for those who want to know-

How much does it cost to replace a car battery?

Mostly, the Battery shops won’t charge any cost if you buy a Battery from them. However if you order a battery from online or somewhere, and then go to  a Car repair shop for changing the battery; then they will definitely charge you around $40  to $75 (In India,800 to 2500)

So, if you also like save your time and money on this simple task by changing the battery by your own, then follow this step by step procedure-

Well, by keeping that in mind as you doing it for first time, I have suggested few precaution steps which you  can follow to avoid unexpected situations.

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A) Precaution Steps

1) Collect All  required Things

2) Wear Safety Equipment’s

3) Turn OFF Ignition switch

B) Removing Car battery

1) Disconnect Negative terminal first

2) Then Disconnect Positive Terminal

3) Dismantle the Securing bracket

C) Connecting car battery

1) Clean the both Terminals

2) Connect Positive Terminal First

3) Assemble the securing bracket

4) Finally connect the Negative Terminal

5) Apply Anti-Corrosion Solution

6) Crosscheck Every Steps

You must know this Precautions Steps, before you working on your car to change the battery:-

1) Collect All required Things

Tools require to change car battery


Collecting all required tools and equipment’s before starting a work, will save your lots of time as well as it avoids disturbance  while working on car.

This are the few things, which are mostly requires when changing a car battery:-

2) Wear Safety Equipment’s

As I said, wearing a safety equipment is nothing but, protecting yourself from unexpected situation.

If you think that changing a car battery is easy and safe task to do and you do not need a Gloves and goggles, then it is up to you.

But I always recommend Gloves because it  not only protects your hands but also keep it clean.

3) Turn Off Ignition switch

ignition switch is off

It is of the most important precaution steps to follow because it can save your lots of money on car.

Because, if you keep Ignitions ON while removing your car battery, then it can cause short circuit within the car electrical system  or even worst.

So why to take such risks!! Just keep your Ignition turn off and follow the next steps.

So after knowing the precaution steps, let’s remove the battery from the car in 3 simple step:-

1) Disconnect Negative Terminal first

disconnect car battery negative only

Always remove negative terminal first before removing the positive because it is the terminal by which, a current is supply to the vehicle.

So with help of 10 mm open-end spanner remove the negative terminal Nut and disconnect negative terminal from the post.

Safety Tip: – Make sure to keep the Negative terminal away from the Negative post. Otherwise, if it’s get touch by mistake, then it can cause a Spark.

 2) Then Disconnect Positive Terminal

how to change car battery

After disconnecting the negative terminal, it’s times to disconnect the positive terminal by the same procedure.

Open the protection cover properly and then with use of 10 mm open-end spanner remove the nut of the positive terminal and disconnect the terminal from the post.

3) Dismantle the Securing bracket

how to reconnect a car battery

After disconnecting the terminals, carefully find the securing bracket nuts and use the 10 mm T-spanner or any other require spanner to dismantle the bracket nuts.

After dismantling the bracket from the battery, pull the battery handle up (You can find the handle on top of the battery), hold it, and carefully remove the battery from the car.


Quick Tip: – Before removing the battery from the car, make sure to remember which is the positive and negative terminal. So that, you can correctly connect the new battery.

Did you know what are the Benefits of removing car battery at right time.  For  Example– if  you  going for Long vacation

So after properly removing the battery from the car, it is time to put a New battery:-

1) Clean the both Terminals

how to clean corroded battery terminals

Make sure to clean both terminals properly with help of Polish paper (Sandpaper) before connecting new battery in the car.

If you skip this cleaning step, then it can cause you starting problems due to the Corrosion.

So always, remember to clean Terminals before connecting a new battery.

NOTE- Don’t clean the Battery Posts, if you connecting a New Battery.

2) Connect Positive Terminal First

connecting a car battery which terminal first

After cleaning the terminals, always make sure to connect the Positive terminal first because positive does not provide current supply to the car.

So After Putting the positive terminal on positive Post; Make sure to Press it down and tight the terminal Nut with 10 mm open-end spanner.

After the terminal gets tight, put the Protection cover on it.

3) Assemble the Securing bracket

how to change car battery

After connecting the positive  terminal, make sure to assemble the securing brackets first with the help of 10 mm T-spanner to hold the battery in particular (stationary) position.

Then tight the  Nuts equally until you feel, it get fully tight.

Quick tip- Make sure the securing bracket Rod is properly attached; with the Battery Holding Tray from below (As shown in Image).

4) Finally  connect the Negative Terminal

how to connect a car battery

So after connecting the positive terminal and securing bracket, it is  time to connect the negative terminal by the same procedure used in the positive terminal.

Connecting securing bracket before negative terminal, avoid many Damages

Safety tip –After the negative terminal gets connected, make sure that any Metal object like Spanner won’t get in contact with positive and negative terminal at a same time.

5) Apply Anti-Corrosion Solution

protect from corrosion

Finally, after connecting the both Terminals and securing Bracket, apply an Anti-corrosion Solution on the Terminals and Posts, to protect it from corrosion.

Benefits of  anti-corrosion solution is that,  it will not only protect from corrosion but also prevent starting Problems.

Always use proper Anti-corrosion solutions to get a Long Lasting effect.

6) Crosscheck Every Steps

Crosschecking this steps after connecting the car battery can save your lot of Time and Money on Small DefectsClick To Tweet

So after properly  connecting the Battery, make sure to check these following things for more safety:-

  1. Check that; the Nuts are properly tight on the both terminals.
  2. Put the Protection cover properly on positive terminal.
  3. Check with hand, that the terminals get properly tighten with Posts.
  4. Finally check the Battery Securing bracket.

Safety tip–   Make sure to remove every Tools and objects before closing the Hood (Bonnet)

If you still have some confusion about ‘How you can change the car battery’, then checkout this Video


So to be concluded,

After checking everything, it’s time for you to start the car; and  if the engine Starts Congrats!!! It’s mean you have successfully the change the car battery.

Well,  are you able to start  the car by changing the battery by yourself ?  Then tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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