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Such a nice day and you getting late for some important work like meeting and all; and when you came close to your car you see a Flat Tire (Puncture) which would  take at least  45 minutes to get change.

So your nice day  turns into a frustrating moment because you cannot go without your car and Driving with a Flat Tire is never a good idea.

So what should you do! Are you going to call a car repair shop and wait for a mechanic to help you out?

Or you want to change your flat tire by yourself, but don’t know where to start; and looking for some quick and safe guide to change a flat tire.

If you choose the first option and waiting for mechanic, then this article is not useful for you.

But if you want to change it by yourself, then follow this quick & easy steps to change a flat tire.

So Here is the step-by-step procedure to quickly remove your flat tire and safely install a new tire:-

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it) 

A) Precautions Steps

1) Keep car in Stationary position

2) Collect all required Tools

B) Removing steps

1) Loose the wheel nuts

2) Jack up the car

3) Remove the Nuts and Tire

C) Installing steps

1) Spray WD- 40 on Studs (optional)

2) Properly Hold & install the Tire

3) Tight the wheel nuts face to face

4) Slowly remove the jack

5) Fully tight the wheel Nuts

These are the 2 simple precaution steps which you should know to save your time as well as to avoid unexpected situations.

A) Precaution Steps

1) Keep car in stationary position

One of the common Mistake which most people do while changing a TireClick To Tweet

So to avoid this mistake, Make sure to apply the Hand brakes or Put the car in Gear position to avoid  Rolling.

Otherwise,  the tire will starts to roll (move) while jacking up  the Car.

2) Collect all required Tools

tools needed to change a tire

Most important things– You should have this few necessary tools to remove a tire. Otherwise it would be a waste of your time, if you thinking of changing a tire.

Collect this few tools, which are mostly require to change a tire:-

(Just click on the name and get these Tools, if you don’t have it)

  • [Jack]  It is the first tool you need, to rise up your car. So that you can easily change the tire.
  • [Stands]It was a safety tool,  and useful when changing more than one Tire.
  • [Wheel spanner]I always prefer a wheel spanner because it was simple and easy to carry. However, you can use any other Tools.
  • [Screwdriver]– Its only require to remove wheel cover.
  • [WD-40] – Spray on the wheel nuts before installing a new tire. This prevents wheel nut from rust and you can easily remove your wheels. If you don’t have this spray, then you can skip this step.
  • [Torque Wrench]Sometimes the wheels nuts remain loose or gets too much tight, that’s why this tool is used to tighten  wheels with Perfect Torque. (If you know how to tight the wheels properly, then you can also skip this tool)

So after following this few precaution steps. Now it’s time to remove the tire from the car.

B) Removing Steps

Note– If the wheel cover is given before the wheel nut, then remove it first.

1) Loose the wheel nuts

how to change a flat tire

Always remember to loosen the wheel nuts before jacking up the car. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to loose nut after raising the car.

So follow this  simple steps to easily loose the nuts-

  • Always loose in Anticlockwise Direction (Counter-Clockwise Direction)
  • Properly fit the spanner in nut and hold it in proper position (As shown in image)
  • Then pull with right hand and press with left hand at same time.
  • It will be hard to rotate; so apply little bit force.
  • Don’t remove the nut, just loose it.

2) Jack up the car

changing a flat tire

So after loosening the wheel nuts it’s time to jack up the car in 3 simple steps-

  • Find this jacking point in your car (As shown in image) or use Owner’s manual if you  don’t find.
  • Starts jacking up until your tire reach  enough  height and use  Stands if you have.
  • Then Lock the Jack properly.

3) Remove the Nuts and  Tire

So after properly jacking up the car, its time remove the tire-

  • Remove all the wheel nuts.

NOTE- Most of time, the wheels  are very Hard to remove

how to change a tire

  • So Hit  with your hands continuously on wheel’s left and right side; until its get remove (As shown in image)

C) Installing Steps

 1) Spray WD- 40 on Studs (optional)

how to put a spare tire on

Make sure before Installing the Wheels, always spray an Anti-rust solution (WD-40) on the studs to protect it from RustClick To Tweet

So that, you can easily remove your wheel nuts without applying too much pressure next time.

Yes, if you don’t have this spray, then you can skip this step but this spray works effectively.

2) Properly Hold & install the Tire

tire rotation cost

So after removing the tire, it’s time to install the spare or new tire. So Follow this proper way to quickly install the tire.

  • Hold the tire in proper position (As shown in image)
  • Then match the Tire holes with the Stud position before lifting the Tire.
  • Then lift the tire and Install on the Studs

3) Tight the wheel nuts face to face

how to put a spare tire on

This was the most important step while changing a tire. So properly understand the procedure.

  • After installing tire on Stud, install the wheel nuts face to face in Clockwise direction
  • Face to face, means after installing the first wheel nut install the second wheel nut, opposite to it. (Most important step)
  • Then tight the wheels nuts with your finger or wheel spanner until the tire gets properly fit.

4) Slowly remove the jack

So after tightening the wheel nuts remove the stands if you have used and then slowly Lower the jack and remove it under the car.

5) Fully tight the wheel Nuts

how to change a tire

Now it is time for the most crucial step while changing a tire-

NOTE- If you’re using a Torque wrench, then check the recommended wheel torque in your Owner’s manual.

  • Put the wheel spanner or Torque wrench on the wheel nuts and hold it  in  same position as shown in image.
  • Then tight the wheel nuts face to face in Clockwise direction
  • For Wheel spanner– Fully tight the nuts until you feel the pressure [Don’t tight after you feel pressure, otherwise the wheel nut gets slipped (broke)]
  • For Torque Wrench– Tight the Nuts and if you hear a Clicking Noise, then  it means the nuts gets Tighten.

However, if you still have any confusion on how to use torque wrench to tight nuts, then checkout this video

Therefore, this are few simple steps which you can use to quickly change your Car tires.

Safety Tip- Make sure to check the Tire pressure after every two weeks to avoid Flat tireClick To Tweet


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