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Which is the Right time to change your Car Engine Oil? – Autoacxy


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It’s always a big concern for the car owners that when they should change their car’s engine oil?

Well, it’s not rocket science to understand because there is only one thing you should know before changing oil and that is Types of Engine Oil.

That’s because there are 4 types of engine oil which are always used in vehicles and the oil change interval of this 4 oils are different.

For Example– If you use Conventional (Regular) engine oil, then you have to change after every 5,000 km and on the other hand, if you use Synthetic engine oil, then you can extend the oil change till 10,000 km or more.

So the point is, Did you know which type of Engine oil is  present inside in your car? If you know, then check the correct oil changes interval for that Type.

And if you don’t, then check the Signs and symptoms of an Bad engine oil; So that you can easily decide whether it’s time to change the oil or Not?

NOTE- It is better to know the types of Engine oil because using correct oil type will save your lots of time as well as Money.

Finally, here are the oil change intervals for Different types of oil and also learn How to check engine oil Condition, if you don’t know the oil type.

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A) Oil Change Interval for Conventional Mineral Oil

B) Oil Change Interval for Semi-Synthetic Oil

C) Change Interval for Fully synthetic oil

D) How to check and Decide Oil Condition

So if you using a Conventional Mineral Oil or a Regular Oil, then you should know this Correct oil Change Interval to protect your Engine-

A) Oil Change Interval for Conventional Mineral Oil

how often to change oil

Well, if you using a conventional mineral oil (Regular engine oil), then you must know the benefits of using it.

However, for those who don’t the benefits of using conventional mineral oil-

  • It mostly prefer  due of its cheapest price (starting range ₹250/liter)
  • It is best oil for Less Driven Vehicle
  • And mostly Suitable for Older Vehicles

Now, if we talk about How Long this Conventional mineral oil can last, then it would be last around 5,000 to 8,000 km.

Mostly this Oils Average Life is up to 5,000 km, but there are some Premium Quality Conventional oils is available, which can last up to 8,000 km.

So, if you want to know about the High rated Conventional oils which are mostly used by car owners, then checkout this Top Conventional Mineral Oil with Cheapest Price.

Remember,The oil change Interval for Conventional mineral oil is 5,000 to 8,000 kmClick To Tweet

So after knowing the oil change interval of regular engine oils, now it’s time to know about change interval for Semi- synthetic oils or Synthetic blend oils.

B) Oil Change Interval for Semi-Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Blend oil

Well, this Synthetic Blend or Semi- synthetic Oils whatever you called it, is the best oil for those people who want a High Quality Oil in very reasonable price.

As this oils is made after mixing the conventional oil with synthetic oils, the change interval for this oil gets increase.

And if we talk about its Oil change interval, then you can use this oil around 8,000 to 10,000 km.

However, if you mostly drive your car with Gases like CNG, LPG, Etc. Then you can extend the oil changes up to 12,000 km.


This Type of Oils is mostly preferred for the Modern Day Cars. So if you have a New Car, then always use these Best Semi-synthetic oils for your car.

Remember, The oil change Interval for Semi- Synthetic Engine oil is 8,000 to 10,000 kmClick To Tweet

Now, Let see How long a Fully synthetic oils can Last and is it a Money worth Engine oil or not?

 C) Change Interval for Fully synthetic oil

Full Synthetic oil

Well, the Full synthetic oils are always the top Engine oil as compare to other oils; That’s why the Cost is also high

So spending too much money for fully Synthetic engine oil is Worth it or Not?

Yes, it is definitely worth it because it’s not only gives long oil changes intervals but also cleans the Engine and Keep it as new as it manufactured.

Now if we talk about the exact oil change interval for full synthetic; then it can last up to 12,000 to 15,000 km.

So if you have Modern or Luxury car, then always use any of this 7 Best fully synthetic oils which are used all around the world.

Remember, The oil change Interval for Fully Synthetic Engine oil is 12,000 to 15,000 kmClick To Tweet

Well, let’s say you don’t know which type of oil you used in your car and now want to check whether you need to change the oil or not?

So for that, follow this few steps to check the engine oil condition in your car-

D) How to check and Decide Oil Condition

1) Check oil color on Dipstick

how often should i change my oil

NOTE- Before doing this step makes sure that the Engine is cool and turned OFF

This was the easiest way to check the oil condition by just simply opening the Hood (Bonnet) and removing the Dipstick (As shown in Image)

After removing the dipstick, carefully check the Oil color-

oil change time vs mileage

  • If the oil color is yellow or little bit brown, then your oil is in good condition; or if you able to see the dipstick layer through oil, then oil is still good.
  • However, if the Oil color turns into Black and its thickness also gets Low (Become thin like water), then changes the oil as soon as possible to avoid Engine damage.

Did you know, how long it’s take to change engine oils?

If you still have some confusion, then checkout this video to check your oil condition-

NOTE- Always remembers the oil changes interval for the type of oil you used. So it gets easier for you to decide when to service.


What did you think?

So after knowing this change interval of different oils; tell us which change interval you like the most and going to prefer for your vehicle.

And if you prefer a different change interval for your vehicle? Then Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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