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How to get an Quick oil change (Just 15 minutes) – Autoacxy


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Well, if you want to know; how much time its take to change oil? Then the answer would be “it’s mostly depends on the Place”

What I mean about ‘place’ is that; from where you going to service your car, like from dealership, or from Local Car repair shop or at Home (changing the oil by yourself)

Usually in dealership, there services were very quick and that’s why the cost is also touching the sky.

However, in Local car repair center; you can save little bit money but they takes more time as compare to dealership.

On the other hand, if you want to save your time as well as money; then you should change the engine oil by yourself.

However, let me clear one thing that; it’s not an easy task to do, if you’re doing it for first time or if your car’s Oil filter is in very compact position.

So checkout the Time and cost for this 3 different places and after that, decide where you should change  the  oil.

A) Oil change from the Dealership

B) Oil change from the Local Car Repair center

C) Changing Oil at Home (DIY)

So, if you also thinking of servicing from the dealership then checkout this few things-

 A) Oil change from the Dealership

how much does an oil change cost

Well, it’s not a big deal to service in dealership and it is best for those, who have very busy schedule.

Because in dealership, they always ready for quick service and also have a separate team for it, which known as “Express Service”.

However  in some  dealership they   takes little bit of time due to Paper  Work (JOB card   and   Billing)

As  Dealership manage so many workers to give you a Quick and quality service; that’s why the servicing cost gets pretty much higher.

So, if your time is really crucial and you can spend more for this quick services, then you should prefer a dealership for oil   changing. 

Average Servicing Time- 15 to 45 minutes

Average Cost for Servicing- $280 to $550 (₹6500 to ₹18500)

Well, following is the list of some famous ‘Quick service’ destination . Prefer whichever is close to you-

  1. Jiffy Lube Oil change – Time taken 15 minutes
  2. Valvoline Instant Oil change– Time taken 15 minutes
  3. Midas – Time taken 15 minutes
  4. Mobil 1 Lube Express – Time taken 15 minutes
  5. Firestone Complete Autocare – Time taken 20 minutes


B) Oil change from the Local Car Repair center

how often to change oil

Now, if we talk about a car repair center or Automobile workshop or garage, whatever you called it. You can prefer it as well because-

Having a Good car Repair center is always better for both, your Car and PocketClick To Tweet

However, finding a trustful car repair center can be a difficult task to do.

So you can try out 2 to 3 repair center and compare them to see who gives the better result.

Mostly the car repair center takes more time for servicing because of a limited worker and a Basic Tune-Ups, they provide to their special customers.

So if you like to save your money and want a quality service, then you should find a good car repair center for  changing   oil.

Average Servicing Time– 45 minutes to  2 Hours

Average Cost for Servicing– $170 to $350 (In India, ₹2800 to ₹9800)

C) Changing Oil at Home (DIY)

how long does an oil change take

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But before you become one of them, you must have a time, place and skill. Otherwise, you should go with first two options.

Well, changing engine oil can be a very quick & simple task to do, if you have right tools and guide.

But, the main problem you can get; is the location of the Oil filter because in most vehicles, the oil filter is given in very compact position which require some advance tool and skill to remove.

So, before you thinking of changing engine oil by your own; you must first checkout the oil filter location in your car and see if you able to remove it or not?

Finally, if you thinks you can remove the oil filter, then follow this steps by step guide to change an engine oil.

Average Servicing Time- 30  to  40  minutes  (If you have all tools)

Average Cost for Servicing– $60 to $110 (In India, ₹1800 to ₹4500) for  Engine oil & Oil filter

For those Who have similar question in their mind-

Should I change engine oil and oil filter at same time?

Yes, definitely you should change the oil filter while changing the engine oil because if you have ever seen the color of bad engine oil after its get removed from the car.

Then you can easily understand that, this bad oil is still stuck inside the oil filter and if you don’t change the oil filter, it will mixed with new engine oil and as result more damage.


So to be Concluded,

 If you  find any Trusted Car repair center where they give your car a proper service in reasonable price as well as in less time, then always prefer it.

Otherwise, you can choose any of the remaining two options.

Well, what did you think; where  you  going to service your car? Feel free to tell us in the Comments section below.

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