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3 Symptoms of an Misfire Engine (How to Avoid it) – Autoacxy


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Are you concern about, is that your car engine is misfiring or not? And because of it, you want to know, what are the symptoms of an misfire engine.

Then you should remember one thing that, engine misfiring can be a small issues to solve, if you notice it earlier.

However, if you unable to judge it, then it could became a very expensive problem to deal with; because if you continuously drive your car in this misfire condition, then it could damage your Engine as soon as possible.

Which will then cost you around $5000 to $8000 depends on the car brand and engine type. [In you stay in India, 70000 to 1 Lac]

So now it’s your choice to judge the misfire engine as quick as possible with the help of symptoms I described below and spend less than $500. [In India, 3000]

So following are the most common symptoms of an misfire engine with its causes and also with the reason why this misfire happens in your vehicle.

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A) Why this misfire happens in your car?

B) What are the common symptoms of a misfire engine?

C) How a misfiring can damage your car?

So before knowing what are the causes or symptoms of an misfire engine, first we must know why this misfire occurs in our car-

A) Why this misfire happens in your car?

For those who don’t know-

What is a Engine Misfire ?

It usually happens when in any of the cylinder, the Fuel mixture remains unburned due to a defective Spark plug, Ignition coil, Fuel injector,Etc.

While driving if you ever feel that your car engine stops for fraction of a seconds or your car is not reaching a high speed while accelerating; then its usually happening because of engine misfiring.

If you search through the internet, you will find many reasons for an engine misfiring like low compression, damaged cylinder wall, improper ignition timing, etc.

But following are the common reasons, which are mostly happens around in 85% of the vehicles.

1) Bad Spark plug

It was one of the most common reason, for which the Misfiring occurs inside the cylinder.

Generally, this happens when the spark plug is unable to burn the fuel mixture inside the cylinder due to its get aged or has been damaged.

So it is always important that you must change the spark plug after it completes the Average lifespan of 25,000 km.

Precaution Tip– Make sure to clean your spark plugs after every 10,000 km to increase its lifespan around 30,000 to  40,000 km.

 2) Bad Ignition Coil

If you still facing a misfiring after changing the spark plugs then it may be happening due to a Bad ignition coil.

When the Ignition coil gets defective, it stops supplying current to the spark plug and as a result, the spark plug unable to burn the fuel mixture and the engine starts to misfire.

So it is always necessary to check the ignition coil condition before changing the spark plugs.

3) Clogged Fuel Injector

You cannot blame the spark plugs or the ignition coils, if there is no fuel mixture inside the cylinder.

This happens when the injector gets clogged (choke) then it unable to spray the precise amount of fuel inside cylinder.

Usually the Fuel injector won’t be clogged if you keep cleaning it after every 25,000 km.

Therefore, these are 3 most common reasons, for which the engine starts to misfire.

So after knowing what are the main reasons behind the engine misfire; now it’s time to know, how you can identify that your car has been misfiring-

B) What are the symptoms of a misfire engine?

Following are the few simplest symptoms of an engine misfiring, which do not require any professional skill to identify-

1) Poor Acceleration

The term ‘poor’ I used here because when you press the accelerator pedal you will feel that, there is a loss of power while accelerating the car.

Or in simple words your car will take much time to reach the high speed as compare to before or your car starts to slowing down while you accelerating.

So, if you daily drive your car, then you can easily identify this symptom on your car.

Therefore, this was the first symptoms, which will quickly popup when the engine starts to misfire.

2) Lower Mileage

If you miss to identify the first symptom then you must keep an eye on your Fuel indicator.

Because when the engine starts to misfire, it will also consume more fuel as compare to usual.


As a result, if your trip to fuel pump station gets increase then you must check the last symptom to confirm that your car is misfiring.

 3) Check Engine light ON

If your car is giving a poor acceleration as well as consuming more fuel than usual, then you should directly checkout the dashboard.

If you see this symbol remains ON after starting engine; then you can definitely tell that your car is misfiring.

However, this check engine light also turns on for various reasons. So first you must identify the above 2 symptoms and then only check the dashboard.

Therefore, these are the 3 easy to identify symptoms which you should checkout for.

However there are some other symptoms like vibration while accelerating, more noise from engine, Increase Emission, etc. which I not mention because you can only find it, if you more familiar with your car.

So, after knowing this symptoms, what happens if you won’t take any action on this misfiring engine and continuously drive the car.

C) How a misfiring can damage your car?

Following are 3 main damages your car will get, if you continuously drive with an misfire engine.

1) Damaged Oxygen Sensor

Generally, the Oxygen sensors are used to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas.

However during the misfiring, the fuel mixture remains unburned, which then starts to damaging the sensor condition.

If you keep driving your car with misfiring engine, then get ready to pay around $50 to $400 for new oxygen sensor.

2) Damaged Catalytic Converter

Did you know why the Catalytic converter used in car; if you don’t, it’s usually  used to convert the Toxic gases into a less toxic gases.

But in misfiring car, the large amount of unburned mixture passes through this catalytic converter which then starts to  damaging  its condition.

And as a result, you will end up with an Defective catalytic converter.

3) Damaged Engine or its Parts

This was one of the worst damages you can get if your car is misfiring.

The engine or its parts usually won’t get damage, if you quickly identify the misfiring symptoms.

But when the misfiring happening for a long time, then it will be effectively damage your engine condition.

So you should always neglect this situation, and save your huge amount.

Therefore, these are the 3 most expensive damages you can get due to an engine misfiring.


So to be concluded,

when you feel that your car is misfiring with help of symptoms which I given above, then you should always check the spark plug or ignition coil condition to solve this problem by yourself.

Otherwise, you should visit a Qualified Car repair center.

So if you able to identify the misfiring in your car with help of information given above; then tell us about your experiences in the Comments section below.

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