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What Happens If you Drive with a Flat Tire? – Autoacxy


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So have you seen the above image, as an car owner I can understand it was the most frustrating moment when we see our Tire like this Flat  (puncture) and due to  this, we unable to drive when we needed it most.

But is  there  any way by which you  can  protect your tire from being flat? or what to do if the tire gets flat while driving? or How can you drive with a flat tire?

If you  concern about this things; then you should follow this steps to protect your tire as well as yourself.

So  Here are the best things to do, when your tires get Flat in different condition

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A) How did you know, that your tire is going to Flat?

B) What to do if tire gets flat (Blowout) while driving?

C) How to drive with a flat tire for short distance?

D) What are the main reason that causes flat tire?

So before knowing how you can drive on flat tire; it is most important to know  the signs or symptoms before the tire gets Flat.

A) How did you know, that your tire is going to Flat?

So here are the  simple ways by which you can easily identify that your tire is going to be Flat  (puncture).

1) Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lamp (TPMS) gets ON


One of the easiest way to identify the Air pressure inside the TiresClick To Tweet

If this signs get ON in your Dashboard, then it is simply means that there is a very low air pressure in any of your tires.

So you should quickly  fill the air  pressure by the nearest car repair shop to avoid flat tire (puncture) or you can fill the air pressure by yourself with the help of [Tyre Inflator Air compressor] and  [Tire Pressure gauge]

NOTE- Don’t just wait for this sign because it also won’t turn ON, if the sensor gets defective. So it is better to check air pressure after every 2 weeks.

2) Unusual Shape of tire

can you drive on a flat tire

If you see any unusual shape (as shown in image)  on your tires, then it happens due to a over-inflate (too much air pressure inside the tire).

So it is always important to check the air pressure after the filling the air. Otherwise your tire may get puncture or blown, if its over-inflate.

3) Worn Out tires

can you drive on a flat tire

If your tire gets worn out (as shown in image), then even a small sharp object can cause a leakage in your tire and as a result your tire gets flat.

So it is Always  necessary  to replace the tires after every 80,000 km because this flat tires can cause any unexpected situations.

Well, if you don’t know how to identify the tire condition, then use this 3 steps to quickly identify tires like Professionals.

Now let’s talk about  how you can protect yourself, if the tire gets Flat while driving-

 B) What to do if tire gets blowout while driving

tire blowout

This was the most   common scenario for those drivers who do not replace their tires over 5 to 6 years and likes to drive under inflate (less air pressure inside the tires) or while driving with unusual tire shape.

So what to do when you hear  Boom!!!! while driving and your car starts to wobbling.

  • Strongly Hold the steering wheel- Try to take full control of your car
  • Do not apply the brakes– If your speed is more than 40 km/h then forget about the brakes. Otherwise, the car starts to skid and will damage the Rim or even worst.
  • Turn ON the side indicator light- Signal the following driver that you intent to turn as soon as possible to avoid accident.
  • Pull over to the side- As you think your speed gets really slow (below 25 km/h) then slowly steer your car to side and gently apply brakes to stop.
  • Turn ON the HAZARD Lights- Turn ON the light to signal the other driver that, your car gets breakdown and need help.
  • Change the tire or wait for help- If you have a spare tire & changing kit, then change your flat tire using these simple steps or wait for help.

If you still have any confusion about what you should do while tire blowout, then checkout this  Quick video

So after knowing that how to deal with a blowout tire while driving, it’s time to learn how to drive with flat tire for short distance-

C) How to drive with a flat tire for short distance

This was the most common question, which comes into every car owners mind when they see a flat tire:-

Can you drive with a flat tire?

Obviously No,  unless if you ready to pay a $55  for a new tire and $40 for a new Rim and $25 for labor charge to install a new Rim & Tire. (In India, the Total Cost is around 5300).

However, If  you urgently want to go somewhere, which is not far than 3 km, then you should follow this steps to safe reach their without damaging your Tire and Rim.

Safety Tips- Before following this steps, make sure to Turn ON the Hazard Light 

1) Don’t carry Heavy load

car overload

Always remove the unnecessary load from the car when you have a flat tire. Otherwise, a heavy load can cause your rim while driving.

2) Drive Slow till destination

Make sure to drive below  the speed of 30 km/h and use less braking while the journey.

Otherwise, if you drive in high speed, then it will significantly cause your tire as well as the Rim, and  the result could be even worst.

3) Try to Drive Straight

Hold your steering wheel firmly and try to drive straight as much as you can because due to a flat tire it will cause a wobbling and vibration.

NOTE– After safely reaching to your destination, don’t try this steps again and again.

Now its time to solve the main issue which is; what are common reasons that affects the tires life and make it flat (puncture) or blowout:-

D) What are the main reason that causes a tire

Following are the few things that  should not be avoid while servicing your car-

1) Improper Wheel Alignment

driving a car with bad alignment

If you also one of those people who thinks that the wheel alignment doesn’t have much impact on the tires life, then you must know that the misaligned wheels get 65% more wear (damage) as compare to aligned wheels.

This happens because the misaligned wheels mostly expose its inner or outer edge; which then cause a extreme wear on one side (as shown in image).

Solution- Always do the wheel alignment after every 10,000 km or at the time of servicing.

2) Improper Tire Rotation

One of Biggest mistakes, which you should avoid to protect your car’s Front TiresClick To Tweet

Yes, mostly to the front tires because its takes more weight of passenger, engine, suspension, etc. as compare to rear tires.

That’s why around  85% of front tires get quickly flat.

Solution- Always do the Tire rotation after every  10,000 km and if you want to save your $25 (In India, 950) on this simple task, then follow this Quick steps to rotate Tire.

3) Improper Inflation

This was one of the silliest mistakes, which not only cause the tire but also can cause you due to a Tire blowout.

Solution- Always make sure to inflate the tires by proper measures; if you are doing it by your own.

4) Leakage due to object 

flat tires causes

So this was the most common cause which everyone knows, that when a sharp object get stuck; its leak the tire.

Well, to be honest there is no  guaranteed solution for this cause; that’s because it is all depend on your luck. However, you can still follow this step-

Solution- You should take care of few things like avoid driving in rough road surface where the chances of sharp objects are higher  or don’t drive on off roads.


What did you think?

Well, did you able to identify whether your tire is going to be flat or not? 

If you able to identify, then free feel to tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

And after following the flat tire driving steps, are you able to reach your destination safely? also tell us about it by leaving a comment below.

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