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Top 5 Engine Flush with Benefits (How to use it) – Autoacxy


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Did You know, the Engine Flush is the Superior Product among the Top Automobile Maintenance Products, which can decide your Engine Lifeline.  

And Before knowing about it in detail, you must know that-

It was the only product, which can increase the Engine life by 40% without spending too muchClick To Tweet

However, it is only possible if you use High Quality Engine Flush because there many cheap and duplicate engine flush available in the market

But don’t worry, due to this we have select out some High Quality (Original) Engine Flushes which are always recommended by Automobile Experts.

So Checkout the Top Engine Flush list below and also learn how to use it in proper way (If you don’t know)

Only for those Who want to know-

What is Engine Flush?

In Simple Words, it is an superior Liquid which is specially made for Engine to keep it clean from sludge’s and carbons.

Have you ever seen the Black engine oil, which comes out during the oil change? If yes, then this Engine Flush is helps to remove this Black oil completely from engine.

Finally, here is the Top Engine flush List and also make sure to check the (Right time to use engine Flush) section to completely get the benefits of this Flushes and also saves money.

(Click on any of this sections to directly know about it)                

A) Top 5 Engine Flush for your Vehicle

B) How to use Engine Flush (Step By Step)

C) Right Time to use Engine Flush

NOTE- Make sure to check the Suitable section of Engines Flush; because some flushes are only suitable for Cars or Bikes

A) Top 5 Engine Flush for your Vehicle

 1) STP Engines Flush

2) Liqui Moly Engines Flush (Plus)

3) Waxpol Engines Flush

4) 3M Engines Flush

5) Liqui Moly Engines Flush (Shooter)


1) STP Engine Flush

stp engine flush

Well, Flush is the only flush, which is high in quality and Cheap in price. But for that, you have to buy its 450ml pack.

And it would be better for you if you have a Big Car which has 6 Liter engine oil capacity.

Why I said Engine oil Capacity; to understand check the (Measure the flush requirement) section below.

  • Product- Made in US
  • Suitable for- only Cars
  • Price Range – 55 per 50ml



2) Liqui Moly Engine Flush (Plus)

liqui moly engine flush

Now, it’s time to talk about the most popular Engines Flush available in the market.

Generally, it’s popular because it is made by ‘Liqui moly’ which is one of the World’s best Engine oil Brand.

And also due to its Effective performance which is best for those people who want Top product in reasonable price.

  • Product- Made in Germany
  • Suitable for- only cars
  • Price Range – 115 per 50ml



3)  Waxpol Engine Flush

best engines flush

Waxpol is Specialist in making engine flush from over 60 years and also the best flush brand in India.

The Quality is similar as compare to other flushes and the prices are also extremely cheap, if you buy the 300ml Pack.

The Special thing about this flush is that, you can use it in cars as well as in Bikes + Scooters.

  • Product- Made in India
  • Suitable for- Cars, Bikes and Scooters
  • Price Range – 120 per 50ml



4) 3M Engine Flush

engine flush for bike

Now if you looking a Top Engine Flush for your 2 wheeler (Bike or Scooter), then it was the only option you should select.

Because it is specially made for 4 strokes engines which effectively cleans the engine surface.

However, the cost is high as compare to other flushes.

  • Product- Made in US
  • Suitable for- Only Bikes and Scooter
  • Price Range – 148 per 50ml



5) Liqui Moly Engine Flush (Shooter)

engines flushes for bike

Well, another Liqui moly flush, which is precisely made for High CC Motorcycle Engines.

Usually the Sport Bikers Love these flush for their Engine; because it gives very smooth engine performance and improves its life.

However, I won’t recommend this flush for low cc bikes (below 150cc) because the cost is high as compare to ‘3M Flush’.

  • Product- Made in Germany
  • Suitable for- Only Bikes
  • Price Range – 187 per 50ml



Finally, these are the same Best engine flushes available in the market for Cars and Bikes.


Now, if you don’t know how to use this Engines flush, then Follow this step by step procedure to allow it work effectively-

B) How to use Engine Flush (Step By Step)

NOTE- Before using the Flush remembers this safety point-

  • Check Engine Oil level, if it is low then won’t use flush.
  • Make sure it never get in contact with Body or skin

1) Measure the Flush requirement

liqui moly motor clean

NOTE- Before following the below steps, always remember that 50ml Engine flush is require for 1 liter Engine oil.

So Check the engine oil capacity of your vehicle in owner’s manual.

For Example-

  • In Bikes, the Engine oil Capacity is around 800ml; so use 40ml Flush for it.
  • In Cars, the Engine oil capacity is around 3 Liter; so use 150ml flush for it.

It is important to fill correct amount of Flush to allow it works effectively.

2) Warm-up the Engine

First of all, it was the most common mistake which most people do while using Engine Flush.Click To Tweet

And that is, they won’t warm-up their engine before filling the Flush into Engine.

Well, Warming-up the engine is necessary because the Carbon and Sludge’s are stick on the Engine surface, when the Engine is cold.

So after warming-up the engine, this carbons and sludge’s gets mixed with Engine oil and it was the perfect time to add the Flush into Engine.

 3) Fill Flush into Engine

engine flush cost

NOTE- After warming up the engine; makes sure to turn it OFF before filling the flush

After that, Open up the Engine oil Cap and fill the correct amount of flush into your engine.

Then properly close the oil cap and follow the next step.

4) Idle for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Now, put the vehicle in Neutral and start the Engine.
  • Idle your Engine for about 15 minutes (for Both Cars and Bikes)
  • Accelerate the vehicle for 15 to 20 seconds to allow the flush to mix properly with oil.
  • After that, Turn off the engine and follow next step

Safety tip- Won’t drive your vehicle after filling flush because flush is use to damage the Oil Thickness; and driving with this thin oil can damage your engine parts.

5) Then Drain & Change the Oil

Remember the engine oil is hot; so carefully remove the oil.

  • Open the Drain Plug
  • Properly drain the oil
  • Change the Oil filter (Yes, it is always important to change oil filter while changing oil)
  • After that Properly Install the Oil Filter and close the drain plug
  • Finally, fill New Engine oil

Therefore, after using these steps you have successfully flushed (clean) your engine.

Well, you may have seen in the Flush bottle that, they recommend to use it after every oil change.

And, there are many people who says engine flush is useless and many says it was better for engine.

So, using the Engine flush for your vehicle is good or bad?Click To Tweet

Well, you should never use a engine flush for your vehicle, if you don’t the right time to use it.

Here are 3 right time when you should use engines flush for your vehicle-

c) Right Time to use Engine Flush

 1) Delay oil Change interval

what oil for my car

If you change your oil time to time, then you will never have to spend money on the Engine Flushes.

Because nowadays the engine oil contains many Additives and Detergents which use to clean the engine as well

However, if you unable to change the oil on time, then the engine oil gets totally bad and losses its cleaning ability

So at this point, you should definitely use an Engine Flush to completely clean the engine.

For Example- Let’s say your oil change interval is at 10,000 km and somehow you have delayed the oil change to 15,000 km, then at that time you should use Flush.

 2) On Second Hand Vehicles

Now, it was the Hit and trail situation because you don’t know how the previous owner have used the vehicle.

So for your own satisfaction clean the engine with flush during oil change.

But if he provides the service history, then check it properly whether he change the oil on time or not?

If he change the oil on time, then flushing is not necessary.

 3) Switching from Regular oil to synthetic oil

synthetic oil vs conventional oil

Well, you will only understand this point, if you know the difference between the Conventional mineral oil (regular oil) vs synthetic oil.

In short, the Regular oil contains more impurities as compare to synthetic oils

And when you decide to switch from regular oil to synthetic oil for your engine; then it is better to flush it before you switch.

Therefore, except from this 3 situation I won’t recommend you to use a Engines flush for your vehicle.

Because in many cases, using Flush in every oil change has damages the engine parts; So remember this 3 right time to use Flush.


What did you think?

After knowing this Top Engine Flushes which one you like the most and going to prefer for your vehicle? Tell us in the comment section below

And also tell us if you able to use engine flush by following the steps given above?

Finally, tell us is this engine flushes works for your Car or Bike by leaving a Comment below.

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